Pakistan terrorism has become a point of discussion of the world. The South Asian country which has become a budding place for the terrorists have often denied any association with the organizations that operate from there. They have even shown actions against the terrorists but with no visibility. Some of the terrorists have now gone against them as well and killing people now and then. However, the claim that the country has made for so long is now losing its stance.

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Iran, another neighbour of Pakistan has now threatened that if the militants are not controlled, the army will destroy the bases wherever they are. The threat came from the head of the military of the Iran after the Sunni terrorists killed soldiers boarding the Pakistan border. The militants shot the soldiers with long range rifles from Pakistan. Iran has threatened to work against the safe heavens of the terrorist quickly. Pakistan has said that they would increase the troops at the Iran border to avoid such situations in future.

India has always targeted Islamabad for the home grown terrorism against India. Terrorist organizations like Lashkar-e-Toiba, Hizbul Mujahiddin, Jaish-e-Mohammad are few of the terrorist organizations that operate from Pakistan to target civilians and military targets of India. Afghanistan, another neighbour of Pakistan has always blamed Pakistan for the terrorism and destabilizing the country.

Pakistan has tried to prove their innocence tine and again. However, the nexus with Pakistani Army and the militants are so close, that it is hard to break the alliance of a state with the terror outfits.