Pakistan Shrine Blast left 72 Dead – But Why these blasts in Pakistan?

Pakistan Shrine Blast has left at least 72 dead. The IS has claimed the responsibility when the Sufi Shrine was targeted. This is one of the series of blasts that have taken place in Pakistan. This was in particular to target the Non-Sunni Muslims of Pakistan, who are lesser in number. The blast took place at around 30 Km away from Hyderabad of Pakistan in the Sindh Province. The Lal Sahabaz Qalandar Sufi Shrine saw a large number of devotees’ every day and today was nothing different. Women and children accompanied their mother to the shrine of their beloved Sufi. Well, little did they know about the evil intentions?

In recent times, Pakistan Taliban and IS have carried out many blasts majorly targeting the security officials and the Non-Sunni shrines and places in different parts of the country. Innocent lives are always valued in the ethical world and it is absolutely disturbing to forget that 72 people were killed in Pakistan Shrine Blast. However, the seed of this extremism was bowed by Pakistan during the 80s when the extremists were given full hand to operate in the country.
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Pakistan continues to be the safe haven for the Terrorists. The Al-Qaida Leader Osama Bin Laden was found in Pakistan. Alongside there are many terrorists who are still operating from their land. The adverse impact of the terrorism policy of Pakistan can now be seen. The innocent citizens are getting killed almost every day and the Government is making promises that cannot be fulfilled.

Pakistan must declare war on the terrorists and think about the sovereignty of the country to protect the citizen and their interests.