Indian Army today claimed that they have taken strong action and destroyed the Pakistani posts that were posted on the LOC. The Army even released video footage of the same and claimed that a huge loss has been imposed on the Pakistani side. The action came in the wake of series of militant attacks and the beheading of an Indian soldier by the Pakistani Army. However, the Pakistan Army has as usual denied any action and claimed Indian Military forces are falsifying the facts. So far, there have been many incidents in cross border operations, India has always agreed about the cross border firing of Pakistan, but Pakistan has never agreed. Have you wondered why?

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Well, there are many reasons. It is the habit of the Pakistani Army which has built an invincible image in their country. Pakistan never accepts that they lost all the wars against India. They even delayed the announcement that Bangladesh was carved out of them in 1971 and their soldiers surrendered to India. Pakistan has never acknowledged anything that can tarnish the image of the army. So, this is nothing new.

Pakistan Army has always said that they are a mightier force and Indian Armed forces have no capability to touch them. Pakistan is virtually controlled by the Army and they press whatever information they want to. The people of Pakistan often believe the Army, rightly so, without verifying the details. There are people who know that the Pakistan Army is wrong, but in Pakistan, you cannot really say that.

It was another operation from Indian Army and another denial from Pakistan which has become the land for the terrorists. However, the irony is that the terrorists do not only harm the Indian side but also kill many innocents on the other side of the border.