Pakistan Prosecutor blackmailing Christians to convert for freedom – Shocking Reports

Pakistan and extreme religious activities have become synonymous over the years. However, the Pakistan lawyers are now taking it to a new level. The reports have emerged that a Pakistan Public Prosecutor has offered the accused people to convert to Islam, and they will be saved.

The case is on the outskirts of Lahore where the District Deputy Public Prosecutor Syed Anees Shah has been accused of blackmailing 42 people from Christian Community to embrace Islam to get rid of the cases against them. As per the reports, the minority Christians are accused of lynching two men when a protest broke out in Youhanabad, Lahore in 2015. A Sunday mass was bombed and the Christians took the street on the protest and lynched two men who they thought were responsible.

The right group has come hard against the lawyer and blamed the lawyer for bringing religion into the judiciary system. Joseph Francis, an activist who is supporting the legal aid to the Christians has come hard against Syed. Syed Anees Shah, however, has denied all the allegations. Naseeb Anjum who is representing some of the people has said that this is nothing new for Syed and he often does this. It has been reported that Syed Anees called all the 42 accused and asked them to embrace Islam and the freedom will be guaranteed. However, those people have mostly remained ignorant about the offer. One of them has reportedly said that he is ready to be hanged.

Christian community often faces the extreme religious activities in Pakistan and they are often the victim of controversial Blasphemy Law. The Right group people believe that the law is misused every day to prosecute the minorities.