Pakistan Probe Team of JIT has reportedly claimed that India has staged the Pathankot Attack and there was no link of Jaishe-E-Mohammad or Masood Azhar hand in it. The Pakistan Media claimed that Pak Probe Team has said that India failed to provide the adequate information on the attack and there is no sufficient reasons that can indicate that terrorists from Pakistani soil were involved in it.

Pakistan Probe Team May Not Allow NIA in Pakistan

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The media reports have also claimed that there is very thin chance that Pakistan will allow the NIA to investigate the matter in Pakistan. This can be a real loggerhead in India Pakistan relation. India broke the protocol and invited a team from Pakistan including the officers from ISI to investigate the matter for four days. The team even reached the strategical military camp of Pathankot Airbase where the attack took place. NIA explained everything about the attacks. The initial reports said that Pakistan Probe Team has agreed that there was connection. However, as the team went back to Pakistan, things changed. However, the new development that NIA will not be allowed may cause major tensions between the relation between the two countries which suddenly looked improving.

Government is already facing lashes from the oppositions for allowing the ISI Members to a strategical position. However, the Pakistan Probe Team said that they were at the location for close to 55 minutes and that was not enough. The ISI is reportedly involved with many terror attacks in India. However, Pakistan has always refused these charges and said everything is framed by India.

Even though there is no official report from the Pakistan Government as of now, but the indications are not so positive as far as the Pathankot Attack Investigation is concerned.