Pakistan has left red-faced by the United States. Nawaz Sharif once called Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Burhan Wani a freedom fighter at the United Nations. A few months later, Syed Salahuddin, the Chief of Hizbul has been designated as the Global Terrorist. This will give the neighbouring country a shock. The embarrassing moment for Pakistan came when the United States called him a Global Terrorist. His properties in the United States will be confiscated now.

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Syed Salahuddin, 71, operates from Pakistan. He has vowed to turn Kashmir, a graveyard for the Indian forces. He has also opposed any peaceful resolution to Kashmir. His Terrorist outfit Hizbul Mujahideen has taken the responsibility of many militant activities in Kashmir. Syed has even threatened PAN India attacks. All the vows and statements that he made from the soil of Pakistan have acted against him. However, Pakistan who shelters him would be red faced again.

Nawaz Sharif at UN (File Photo)

This is one of the strategic wins for India. India has always maintained the protest against the neighbouring country for cross border terrorism and Kashmir unrest. Time and again Pakistan has proved that they are involved in Kashmir. The Pakistani forces make the necessary arrangements for the Mujahideens. Syed Salahuddin has said that he would make an army of suicide bombers and militants from Kashmir from Pakistan. However, the game may be ending for him now to call himself a Freedom fighter at least. Nawaz Sharif who calls Hizbul Terrorists Freedom fighters must check his speech again before speaking.

He has already proven that Terrorists are Freedom Fighters for Pakistan.