Fawad Chaudhury
Source: Geo TV

Pakistan Government to cultivate cannabis or bhang in the local language in the Pothohar plateau region. The Ministry of Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhury said. As per Geo TV, the ministry said that the Pothohar region is ideal for the cultivation of cannabis and the government would do it. Pakistan has received a license to use the cannabis plant for industrial purposes, he added.

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Afghanistan has been the hub for cannabis production. Pakistan relied on Afghanistan for cannabis. However, now the Pakistan government plans to cultivate its own cannabis. It is not sure whether the government to lease lands, or recruit farmers to do that.

Fawad Chaudhury mentioned that cannabis has medicinal properties and will be used for pain relief. Speaking about the benefit of cannabis, he added it has anti-cancer properties. Oil for the athletes can be produced by cannabis, he added, along with usefulness in the textile industry. Indeed, many other countries already see the benefits of cannabis production and use, both economically and in terms of medicinal use. They have even refined it to the point of taking multiple forms (like those seen on https://wccannabis.co/product-category/cannabis/craft-cannabis/), making it easier to use for those in need as well as getting the most use out of the product.

As per the Science and Technology Minister of Pakistan, Cannabis production is the next big thing for Pakistan. The government would like to contribute billions in the next three years in cannabis production. However, he insisted that the government set up research on plant production.

It needs to be seen whether the civilian government of Pakistan becomes the landlord of the cannabis cultivation or army takes over. The Pakistan Army has many businesses and it is the biggest conglomerate of Pakistan.

Cannabis or Bhang is very commonly used for recreational purposes in the Indian subcontinental region. It is rare for a government to cultivate certain plants, but most of the things are controlled by the Pakistan army in the South Asian state.