Pakistan Counter Attack after the Sufi Shrine Blast has resulted in the killing of at least 35 terrorists reports local media. The attack came after almost 72 people were killed in a blast near Hyderabad, Pakistan. The 13th Century Muslim Saint Shrine Lal Shahbaz Qalandar was ripped apart by the Islamic State Terrorists.

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Local Media reports suggest that 18 terrorists were killed in Karachi while 6 others in the FATA. There were 6 more terrorists killed in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. There are other reports of hunting down the terrorists as well as part of the Pakistan Counter Attack against the Islamic State that claimed the responsibility of the blast yesterday.

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However, apart from it, many others were arrested from various parts of the country and investigation is on. The reports suggest that the authorities have indicated that the crackdown would continue on the IS terrorists who are bombing the cities especially Non-Sunni places in coming days.

Pakistan has seen a sharp increase of the terrorist attack in last few days when security officials and the shrines of the non-Sunni Muslims were targeted. Islamic State is trying to spread the wings in Pakistan with the help of the extremists present in the country and has managed to rock many bombs and kill innocent people. The Islamic State has also worked with the Pakistani Taliban and has operated militant attacks on various parts of the country.

Pakistan may launch more attacks on terrorists as they continue to grip their country and blast at will.