Pakistan Civil Unrest
Courtesy: TOI

Pakistan civil unrest has once again exposed the danger of becoming a breeding home of the terrorists. The Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan group has started protesting against the government.

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The demand of the hardline Islamist group is to expel the French Ambassador in protest against cartoons depicting Prophet Mohammed in France. The hardliners were previously funded and encouraged by the government, but now are at crossroads with them.

The Pakistan Government has been given an ultimatum of April 20th. However, in response, the government arrested their leader, Saad Rizvi. Things have escalated since then. The supporters of the group engaged in violence with the police. According to reports, four people were killed and thousands were injured.

There is no local news to support the actual scenario. The Pakistan government has banned the group. The local and international media have been prohibited to do any coverage in Lahore where the violence is taking place. The internet has been suspended so that the information does not come out.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the group acted against the State and thus banned.

But on Sunday, the hardliners kidnapped Police officers and Pakistani Rangers. Almost, 7 security officials have been kidnapped so far, as per the reports. These officials are supposedly used to trade their leaders or get their demands fulfilled.

This really brings to the core issue of Pakistan. Pakistan has been a breeding ground for the terrorists, to interfere in India, Afghanistan, Iran, and others. But this is now catching up with them. TLP is just one of many organizations that the State of Pakistan supports and funds. The hardliners might want to get their demands every time and start blackmailing.

It is time for Pakistan to wake up and deal with the terrorist organizations.