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A Pakistan Aircraft in Indian Airspace was located by a BSF Jawan at around 1.05 PM in RS Pura area of J&K as per reports of Times of India. The Pakistan Aircraft in Indian airspace was visible for a minute.

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The report says that a Six Wing Aircraft was visible and the report has been submitted to the Indian Air Force. The sole witness said that the aircraft was silver in color and was not of IAF. The IAF is, however, trying to ascertain what the aircraft was doing in Indian Airspace. However, it is not immediately clear that whether the Pakistan Aircraft in Indian Airspace was manned or a drone.

The BSF is further investigating the matter and a detailed report will be submitted to the Home Ministry. It is however not officially mentioned that the aircraft belonged to Pakistan.

In general practice, India and Pakistan maintains a distance of 4 to 5 KMs from the LOC so that an unintentional crossing of airspace does not take place. The authorities are also validating the witness as he is not an aircraft expert sources said.

If the Pakistan Aircraft in Indian Airspace is located and if the reports are true then this could lead to a major issue in Indo-Pak Relations. At a time when India has been vocal against the atrocities in POK, Gilgit and Balochistan and Pakistan is constantly taking Kashmir in every international platform, it can be a major political discourse.

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