P Ramkumar identification parade was recently concluded by Chennai Police. The procedure of the identification parade was nothing less than an intelligence parade by police. But what happened at last will shock you.

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Here are the step by step P Ramkumar identification parade description.

• There were only two people selected for the identification. One was the father of A Swathi and another the shopkeeper at the Nungambakkam Railway Station who saw the suspect flee.

• It was widely reported that S Swathi Murder suspect has a cut on his neck. So, Police covered it with piece of cloth and the same was done for the other inmates of Ramkumar in Jail. They were identically dressed as well.
• There were three rounds of identification parade.
• P Ramkumar identification parade was started with father of A Swathi. He had some difficulties at first but he recognized him correctly.
• The next was the shopkeeper and he was spot on.
• In all of three rounds he was identified correct.

At the end of the parade, father of A Swathi broke down and he started crying and screaming. He was screaming to P Ramkumar and asking why he killed his daughter. Ramkumar however stood with moist eye reported The Hindu.