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There is a wide speculation in the media that P Ramkumar confessed for the S Swathi murder. However, Chennai Police has not officially commented on the same. The police said that he has revealed some of the information during the custodial interrogation in front of the Judicial Magistrate. However, the Police did not really reveal the entire truth. The amount of truth that has reported so far is perplexing, shocking and equally saddening, though.

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P Ramkumar confessed for S Swathi Murder?

P Ramkumar has reportedly said that he fell in love with Infosys Techie Se Swathi at first sight. He came in Chennai to get tuitions and to clear the Engineering backlogs. However, he fell in love with her and started stalking her. The report says that P Ramkumar confessed that he was following her in the temple just next to his mansion where he used to live. In that very temple, he first expressed his feelings to Swathi who was later brutally murdered at the Nungambakkam Railway Station. His proposal was however rejected by Swathi and there was a heated argument as well. Later he followed her again and proposed her yet another time near a small shop. However, this time, he was insulted apart from being rejected by her. It has been reported that P Ramkumar confessed that he felt insulted after the incident. Soon after that he left for Tirunelveli and came back on June 20. He, however, started following her again. But to avoid him, S Swathi told her father to drop her to the Railway station.

It is not yet clear whether he confessed to the crime or not but most likely Chennai Police has driven the case in the right direction and with all possibilities the suspect may be the accused and the killer of S Swathi. However, Chennai Police is yet confirm anything regarding this considering the sensitivity of the case.