Oscar Pistorius - Photo Reuters
Oscar Pistorius - Photo Reuters

Oscar Pistorius, the former double-amputee Olympian from South Africa has been sentenced to Six Years in Jail. The athlete was convicted of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. He said that on the Valentine’s Day of 2013, he mistook his girlfriend as a bugler and shot her four times from the bedroom bathroom. He was arrested after that by the Police. In the last December, he was found guilty of culpable homicide and was sentenced to five years in jail. But his sentence has been changed now and has been increased to six years. The athlete has been taken into the jail right after Judge Masipa announced the verdict.

Here is why Oscar Pistorius Jail Sentence has increased

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The previous sentence of the former Gold Medalist was based on the culpable homicide. He was even freed after one year in a sentence in South Africa. However, his charges got upgraded to Murder by the court. The minimum sentence for murder was 15 years of Jail Sentence. However, for the case of Oscar Pistorius, it was reduced to 6 years.

The reduction in the sentence was considered considering the evidence of the case and the motive for the murder. He has been sentenced to jail even before as well. The judge noticed the case and sentenced him to six years.
Oscar Pistorius case was one of the unique cases in the history and the judgment was equally unique, to say the least.

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