Orlando Shooting has resulted killing of 50 people so far at a Florida Nightclub. A heavily loaded gunman identified as the Omar Mir Seddique Mateen has killed 50 people and injuring 53 others when he opened fire. The Orlando Horror has been declared as the Domestic Terror Attack on the United States of America. Omar Mateen, the suspect is believed to be a resident of Port St Lucie from Afghan Mulims family.

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In Pics – Orlando Nightclub Shooting

Orlando Shooting

The Orlando Nightclub shooting has once again questioned the form of terror and gun control in the USA. It took exactly a day after 22 years old singer Christiana Grimmie was killed at a Florida concert. Even though the Orlando Police has not confirmed any motive behind the attack so far, but the early investigation has indicated radical Islamic thoughts. However, the authorities are not really mixing it up with ISIS at this point of time. However, there has been news that this person might have targeted this club which is known as a Gay Club in Orlando. Omar Mateen was well prepared and had a scuffle with the police before he entered the club. He took hostages there and held the Orlando Police for a couple of hours. The police, however, started retaliating and killed him down. The officials have confirmed that SWAT has killed Omar Mateen down but not before he has knocked down 50 innocent lives.

Initially, Orlando Police said the Orlando Shooting has killed 20 people but the Mayor later confirmed that the death toll has reached 50. Few people are critically injured are currently under medical care.

Orlando Shooting is the worst terror attack on the United States after the 9/11 attacks. Even though the authorities have not ruled out the hand of Islamic State but as of now, nothing can be said.