Oregon Wildfire

Oregon wildfire has engulfed hundreds of homes and destroyed acres of forest. The firefighters are busy extinguishing the fire. However, the police are also investigating the cause of the fire. A man named, Michael Jarrod Bakkela, 41, jailed for various charges in connection to the California wildfire.

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The man was charged with two counts of arson, fifteen counts of criminal mischief, and fourteen counts of reckless endangering for a fire. The fire responsible for the wildfire was set in the Phoenix area.

The fire that he set merged with the raging fire of Almeda Fire. The damage caused by it is significant attributing to the one set by Bakkela.

Jackson County Chief, Mike Moran told,

“There are numerous homes, many of which are burnt completely, some are just heavily damaged, that are part of the 15 counts of criminal mischief.”

The fire also had an ignition point near Ashland. A man was found dead there.

He was initially charged for a probation violation for unlawful possession of methamphetamine. The authorities charged him for the fire on Friday. He, however, has denied starting the fire.

In connection with the fire, many reports claimed that the extremists have raged the fire. However, agencies have denied any such report and said that the FBI has investigated such claims and found no ground. FBI said that only validated information must be shared to help the community. In the statement, the FBI said that the misinformation and conspiracy theories take valuable resources away and people must stay away from it.