Operation Homecoming Indy
Source: Twitter

Under Operation Homecoming Indy, US marshals rescued 8 missing and endangered children in Indianapolis. The marshals rescued the children during a five-day operation. According to the report, the children were aged between 5 to 17. Some of them were trafficked and few were enticed. The operation started from August 31 to September 4.

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Deputy Marshal William Kaulfer who led the effort said since the beginning of the year, they have found 22 missing children from Michigan and California. He said that the children were in the situation involving drugs and weapons as well.

The operation was well planned and had months of planning. The US Marshalls went to dozen of places and interviews trying to locate 18 juveniles. However, they could locate only 8 so far.

However, the marshals would like to find more missing children. He said that the biggest challenge is to find and locate them and get them to a safer location. He also said, sometimes the teen does not want to be found out. He mentioned one teen ran away from them.

US Marshals said that they have located dozens of children in Ohio and Georgia as well. Trafficking has been one of the major issues in the US. The marshals were trying to find the culprits before February. However, now, they are trying to locate the children.

The search operations are going to be wider for the Marshals and it would encompass the entire state in 2021.