Open Relationship has become more frequent in India in the last two decades. People are trying to break away from the formal relationship. The surge in the One Night Stand and Casual Sex also indicate the trend in India. The things become clearer when the India Today 2017 Survey Results are considered. Almost 41% Men and 29% of women in India are open to One Night stand. The study says that almost 26% of people have had sex with someone who is not their partner. Maybe that’s because attitudes have changed or maybe your lover isn’t fulfilling your needs anymore. It could just be that you need to reignite your feelings of desire rather than seeking a short term fix with someone else. could leave you feeling a strong desire and enjoy more frequent orgasms, even if it’s with your partner or not. Using supplements to enhance your nights of passion is nothing to be ashamed about.

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This result is very high for the rest of the world. However, when we talk about Open Relationship, One Night Stand, and Emotions, then country and origin do not really matter. The emotions are something that often comes in between the fun and risk-free life. Whilst it can seem fun and risk-free, it could also suggest that the individual may have a deeper sexual addiction if they’re constantly looking for open relationships and one night stands. If you think you might have an unhealthy addiction, it might be worth looking for some sex addiction help online or in person. By taking the first steps towards talking about your addiction, it’s much more likely that the addiction can be prevented.

Relationship experts say that people who enjoy open relationships at times feel mentally exhausted. The emotions that bind people often become a burden for people, but it can be beautiful if maintained well. The one night stand gives them the fun they wanted, but then it can take a toll on you if you are alone.

The mental peace comes from the support, may be from the partner, friend, parents, or anyone else even pet. But people with Open Relationships often struggle to get into a formal relationship even if they want. The fight between the ego and the desire often gives them the trauma that they don’t deserve.

However, the experts also mention that it is not impossible to tackle emotional outburst as well.