Source: CBC

Oil Spill in River has threatened aquatic life and water quality in Canada. The oil pipeline spilled at least 400,000 liters of oil in the oilfield which in turn spilled into the North Saskatchewan River.

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The oil was spilled into the unnamed creek and then ran into the North Saskatchewan River. North Saskatchewan flows into South Saskatchewan and then eventually flows into Hudson Bay.

The authorities learned about the oil spill from a local landowner. They promptly swung into action and tested the water. The testing and data show that there is no sign of any impact on water and water life. The Oil Spill in River however still has many questions reported CBC.

The oil spill took place near Drayton Valley, 130 KM from southwest of Edmonton. The spill took place on the day of Christmas. The Alberta Energy Regulator acknowledged the spill on the website.

However, the office is closed during the Christmas holiday and did not respond to any queries.

The spilled water is reported to be ‘Produced Water’. This water is separated at the surface from the oil and natural gas from a well. It is generally contaminated with oil, salt, and other substances.