Ohio Police was recently contacted by a 10-year-old. Police generally gets contacted all day along for some or the other issue. However, it was different that day for the Lt BJ Gruber. Children are well aware these days that cops are contacted when they are in trouble. Well, if there is any trouble with the Homework, why not call the cop?

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Exactly, this made little Lena Draper contacted the Ohio Police through Facebook. She was very straightforward and asked for the help in her homework.

Well, Lt BJ Gruber was not ready to surrender to the 10 years old kid and offered the help. However, she then asked the question of Mathematics and it was a complex one. There were two questions asked to him and the police officer was brave enough to answer the kid. Even though the second question seems to be answered wrong, but the police department in Ohio sees this as an achievement and win. The student may have been better working it out on a whiteboard, like This One From Writey, so that she could erase any mistakes.

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The Ohio Police has already said that this incident has once again showcased the growing trust, transparency and approachability of the police to the common people. The Police also posted the chat online and it has gone viral now.

Well, there was a time when kids used to come and ask for help on the streets but the Tech Savvy Generation now contacts police through Facebook to get the homework done!

This was an amazing incident that perfectly showcases the innocence of a child and the responsibility of a Police Officer.

Congratulations Ohio Police!

Nowadays there are so many ways that students can help themselves with their homework, essays, book reports, etc. this is definitely a unique way! There are websites like collegepaperworld.com that can help students out with their writing, however, it looks like it’s the police for the maths section!