Odd Even for MPs is creating a major uproar inside and outside the Parliament. Delhi Government recently started the second phase of the Odd-Even from April 15 to April 30. However, the MPs are not happy with that and they want all the MPs should be exempted from this rule. Even though the Kejriwal Government in Delhi has said that Law should be equal for everyone including the MPs, but some, especially from BJP, are in no mood to accept that. MPs from RJD, Congress, TRS are no different either, all they want is to exempt MPs from the rule. However, the BJP MPs and few others also want the rule to be scrapped.

Odd even for mps
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Odd Even for MPs – What they want

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Odd-Even rule was introduced to decrease the pollution level of the National Capital. Arvind Kejriwal has got the appreciation for the innovative step from big journals around the world. However, the MPs of India (majorly) are not very happy to come in an alternative way. Kejriwal has started special AC Bus services for the MPs going to parliament but they do not like the idea of travelling by bus. The local MPs have multiple cars but only one sticker is allowed for Parliament and that is causing the issue for these MPs. Many MPs have been fined for breaking the rule including BJP MP Paresh Rawal. However, he letter twitted and mentioned his act as “Blunder”. BJP Leader Vijay Goel threatened to fail the Odd-Even.


Odd even for MPs

However, many MPs have co-operated the government and even cycled the way to Parliament. Odd-Even is not really a failure; it is generating huge awareness about the environment. Air Pollution has to be curbed and that is just a small initiative, much more have to be done. Leaders are chosen to lead from the front in democracy, they should set an example for all. But disowning odd even and terming it as “Not for us” is not going to help and Odd Even for MPs should always be the part of the system.