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Obese China could be a new thing for the Asian country. According to an official report, over half of the adult population in China is now fighting obesity. Overall, over half a billion in China are obese.

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This becomes very important as the figure has risen sharply from 2002. In 2002, only 29% of adults were found to be obese. Massive economic growth has resulted in a change in diet, lifestyle, and exercise, and that is considered to be the primary reason for Obese China.

Obesity is a greater risk of cardiovascular diseases. The Chinese government has also come with plans to tackle obesity. This has become all more important during a pandemic. The study has found that obese people are more likely to face complications or death due to COVID19.

According to a National Health Commission report, more than 50% of adults are overweight and 16.4% are considered obese. The reports have blamed a lack of physical activity for the disastrous finding. In fact, less than a quarter of the Chinese adult population is actually doing some exercise.

Another factor is more meat consumption and less fruit intake.

However, China is not the only country to have obesity. According to a report of WHO, obesity around the world has increased by 3 times since 1975.

One of the worst affected countries in the world is Qatar where more than 70% of people are either obese or overweight, BBC reported.