O Pannerselvam breaks silence last night about his resignation and elevation V K Sasikala to the CM Post. However, his time and style of doing so raise many more questions. The interim Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu said that the spirit of Amma or Jayalalithaa has spoken to him. Well, that does not really make sense in the modern era of politics. It is true that V K Sasikala is suddenly not enjoying the smooth ride to the post of CM and the recent revolt of the senior leader from her party may further dent her chances.

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However, the question remains that why did O Pannerselvam waited until today, to tell the truth as per him. He said that he was forced to resign and Jayalalithaa wanted him to be the Chief Minister. This has eventually created the rift in the party and the fraction in the party can be seen very widely. The same thing happened when MGR died and power tussle started between his wife and Jayalalithaa. However, V K Sasikala is no Jayalalithaa.

One may observe that O Pannerselvam was waiting to see the sentiments of the people towards V K Sasikala and when he finally understood that he has enough support, he revolted. However, the other fraction understands that he has gained the courage to speak the truth.

Sasikala is yet to be sworn in as Chief Minister but she is already the leader of the AIADMK.

Mr. Pannerselvam has already expressed his desire to take back the resignation. But will he be able to work under her after the revolt? Will there be a division in the party? Is it the perfect moment for Deepa Jayakumar, niece of Jayalalithaa to find her place in Tamil Nadu Politics? There are many questions and few answers now.