NZ Isolation Horror – Woman offered Napkins instead of sanitary pads

NZ isolation horror has shocked people and prompted the ministry to sincerely apologize. In a quarantine facility, a woman had to face an awful time. The lady traveled from Europe to New Zealand and she got her period in the plane and reached Ellerslie Novotel isolation facility.

She reached the hotel and asked for a sanitary pad. The woman said that she understood that the hotel did not provide it to everyone in the room, but expected them to have it with them in case of need. Well, to her surprise, the reception informed her that someone can bring that. It could take at least four hours. When the woman asked what to do till that time, the apathy was distasteful. The hotel informed that they could offer her a nappy.

This was a horrible experience for her and she said she had to manage it. This would also increase the risk for the staff, as they have to come and change the sheets multiple times.

Danika Revell, the CEO, and Co-Founder of The Period Place told the NZ Herald that is appalling to see there are no free sanitary pads at the hotel room. She questioned that if a guy can get a razor, why not a tampon.

The spokesperson for Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) has sincerely apologized for this incident. The spokesperson added,

“Staff are committed to ensuring that people’s stay in managed isolation and quarantine is as comfortable as possible and will occasionally go out of their way to ensure that a guest gets what they need.”

However, this is not the only issue with the isolation facility. Another woman added to the NZ Isolation horror and said the food isn’t as per the cultural taste. She said that she came back from China with her 14-year-old son to NZ Herald and paid $4000. However, they didn’t have anything that resembles Asian food for her son, who hasn’t been to New Zealand before.

This has prompted some changes. The returnees now could advise MIQ of dietary needs in advance, NZ Herald reported.