Mental health, depression, and anxiety are some common medical terms that are always neglected when we talk about someone suffering from them. Not everyone knows that there are alternative methods, like using marijuana edibles or CBD oil, that could help with these problems you may be experiencing. Hopefully, if you suffer from any of these mental health issues and want to try using marijuana as a treatment, you will have already discovered the best way to store weed to make the most of it. Using weed is supposedly very beneficial for people suffering from mental health issues. That’s why so many people are trying to find the best place to purchase it from, in the hope of finding a treatment that will make everyday tasks easier for them. The best dispensaries for medical marijuana florida citizens can visit can be found on, for example. There are dispenaries across all of the States where medical marijuana is legal. When using weed to improve your general wellbeing, it’s so important to find the right method of smoking it. Some people find that spoon pipes are the easiest method of smoking weed, people interested can see them here if they’d like more information. However, when you’re smoking your weed, make sure it’s having positive effects on your mental health.

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But, since the time Bollywood actors and the like have opened up about these ailments and accepted on public platforms that they too have been suffering from depression. After Deepika Padukone opened up about suffering from depression, another big Bollywood star, Hrithik Roshan recently opened up about suffering from depression.

In a recent event held for the launch of M Power’s ‘Everyday Heroes’ campaign, Hrithik came clear about suffering from depression and said: “I have been through my ups and downs and I have faced depression and confusion,” and further added that “Millions don’t know they might be suffering from something clinical which is not their fault. It is nothing one should feel awkward about.” Have a look at him talking about the same here:

He felt that it is a very common ailment and that such a big hue and cry should not be made about the same. He said that “I feel mental health will have an enormous influence on our future. As a society, we are going into a danger zone as far as mental health is concerned. I have seen this problem from very close quarters… I have seen my friends suffer in silence and it bothered me to a level where I started asking questions. I always question this stigma.”

Well, we sure hope with a number of celebrities openly accepting their mental conditions, we will soon be able to remove the stigma associated with depression and mental health.

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