North Korean Diplomat defected to South Korea leaving his teenage daughter and relatives in danger

North Korean Diplomat to Rome, Jo Song-gil, the acting ambassador to Rome went missing with his wife in 2018. It has been reported that they are in South Korea since last year. He has arrived voluntarily in South Korea.

It made him one of the high profile diplomat defectors since 1997.

However, everything comes at a cost. The cost of Jo Song-gil is probably way too much. His teenage daughter was repatriated to the North after they went missing. Italy said the daughter requested to go to North Korea, reported Daily Star.

Generally, diplomats need to leave behind many relatives back at home in North Korea in order to stop the defection. If someone defects in South Korea, he or she is considered a traitor. The relative back home undergoes inhuman torture from the state.

The defected diplomat is very concerned about the safety of his family.

Song-gil’s tenure was about to expire when disappeared from the North Korean embassy in Rome. It was understood that he was under protection from Western Government. However, now it has been revealed that he is with South Korea.

It is dangerous to reveal the whereabouts of the defectors considering the fate of the family on the other side of the border.

It is not exactly known where the North Korean Diplomat has managed to take his daughter out of the North or his family is still in danger.

However, such news is not generally out when there is a danger to the family. In case, it isn’t the case, then his family must be in grave danger.