North Korea to turn South Sea of Flames, warned the North Korean Military if the Anti Missile System goes ahead. In a strong and affirmed voice, North Korea warned of dire and merciless consequences if the US THAAD System is deployed. South Korea has already announced that they are in final stage of finalising a potential location for the same.

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What is THAAD?

THAAD is Terminal High Altitude Area Defence. It throws projectile to the missile of enemies and destroys it. North Korea to turn South Sea of Flames, the warning is the reply to the potential danger they may face for the missile test.

North Korea to turn South Sea of Flames

The warning has been however ignored by South and termed it as ridiculous provocations. Pyongyang has received many warnings and international condemn for testing missiles and Nuclear test. South Korea and the United States are close allies and the deployment is to counter the threat of North.

China has also condemned the deployment of THAAD by US and South Korea.

Seoul has not officially announced the location of THAAD so far. However, Pyongyang has threatened of consequences as soon as it is announced.

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