Source: ANI

North Korea has remained a problem area for the United States since the scuffle between the countries started after Donald Trump became President. DPRK remained defiant and continued the Nuclear Program. Donald Trump was quick to respond with the military power and the Korean peninsula was full of American aggression. However, it did not work. China tried with as White House put pressure on Beijing to negotiate but nothing really happened. The defiant leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un has threatened the US again and again and Trump has only warned.

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If the reports are to be believed the North has progressed a lot in the ICBM and is planning to test it in coming weeks. According to a Russian Daily, the North Korean leader has now threatened to nuke New York directly with Nuclear Head capable ICBM missile. So, the DPRK suggested that the US Mainland is well within reach. This is not something new and North Korea has threatened the United States often. But this is no longer secret that the isolated country has made significant progress since then. The United States know very well that the DPRK has the Nuclear and hence military muscle was not shown, unlike Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya.

Kim Jong-Un knows that after the recent high tensions, DPRK is again at a commanding position because the US has mostly failed to tackle the issue. The Donald Trump administration showed panic to handle DPRK and has failed miserably. The issue escalated with a military warning from the States but later the President pressed on China and even Russia to stop NK from the Nuclear program.

So, after the Nuke threat to the US, it is clear that North Korea issue is no longer an issue to be left over. New York is around 10400 KM away from the mainland of DPRK and the scientists believe that an ICBM is capable of reaching this distance. However, due to the isolation of this country, it is still not clear that which missile it has.