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Forget about firing a Nuclear Weapon, North Korea Nuclear Test can alone kill thousands of people in China and North Korea. The seismic experts believe that if North Korea Nuclear Test is big enough then it could result in Volcano Eruption in the North Korea-China border.

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The Mount Paektu is in North Korea and China Border. However, it is understood that the huge energy that is going to be generated from the nuclear test can actually lead to the eruption of a volcano. The affected area can be around 100 KM reported CNN. There are many people who are inhabitants of the region and that could easily bring catastrophic devastation. The experts of CNN believe that the volcano eruption can kill thousands if the proper arrangement is made. However, if the people are not moved, then the causality can reach tens of thousands.

North Korea is gearing up for another nuclear test. It is believed that he is planning for the sixth nuclear test and that has created a war like situation with the United States. The Chinese counterparts are reaching out to them to stop the procession. However, Kim Jong-Un may not listen to anyone and go ahead.

On the other hand, Donald Trump, the President of United States has indicated that he may meet North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un if required. This has again hinted that the US may not attack North Korea and found a diplomatic way. However, the THAAD system in South Korea has been activated already.