The United States may have decided to target North Korea after the attack in Syria. According to the reports, US Navy has already started mobilizing the Navy towards the Korean Peninsula. The Strike Group of US Navy will soon be moving towards the Korean Peninsula to counter the over aggression of the Kim Jong-Un led Communist country North Korea.

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North Korea has been aggressively advancing the weapon and technology in the region. The missiles that have been fired into the sea simply show that the communist country is progressing towards weapon first policy. The country has invested a lot of amount in the improving the defence of the country. It has often threatened South Korea, Japan, and even the US with the attacks like nuclear attacks. The existence of the Nuclear Weapon in North Korea is debatable but the experts believe that the country is equipped with the dreadful weapon.

The US that has the army stationed in the South Korea has understood the aggression long back. The change of guards at the White House pushed things back for few days. However, after the offensive Syria attack, US is believed to check the communist state. The Strike Group of US Navy is considered as one of the most efficient and most powerful soldiers in the world. The presence of the strike group near Korean Peninsula will obviously irk the North Korean Leadership.

It is expected that North Korea would react very strongly to this. However, so far no response has been made by the ultra-communist country.

With Inputs and Photo from Reuters