North Korea News is something that everyone expects in the news stories. In the top stories of the day, it always gets one of the most prior spots, thanks to the statements made by the North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un through the state-controlled media of DPRK and Donald Trump of course.

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The US has remained busy in dealing with the problems in North Korea. Soon after the last North Korea Missile launch by the communist state, the US led the way in the ninth and the strongest sanctions on the state to dissolve the Nuclear Program. However, the North Korean regime has shown no interest at all to the sanctions, appeal and condemns of the world leaders. They are actually boosting their arsenals and if the reports are to be believed then the DPRK is actually trying to build a nuclear-capable submarine.

Donald Trump, the US President yesterday threatened to destroy the North Korea if the United States feels threatened by any mean. Nicky Halley, the US Representative to the United Nations has reiterated the same thing in the different phrase of words. However, things have changed as the one of the most important news today of North Korea came into the light. The United States along with South Korea and Japan have made bombing drills in the demilitarized zone of the Korean Peninsula to show the wealth of the strength of the United States. However, the North Korea News did not stop there with this. Interestingly, German Chancellor, Angela Markel has now termed the “totally destroy North Korea” statement of the US President Donald Trump from UN as wrong.

Is the view on North Korea is slowing changing? Has the US failed to communicate that DPRK is a threatening to the world? War has never paid anything to the mankind and neither will it in future, but what is the way ahead? Who will take the initiative to cool off the heated Korean Peninsula? There are many things that add up the problems in North Korea.

However, according to the current news and the recent updates, the United States is ready for all the challenges and has not sought any diplomatic talks from the DPRK. The demand is simple and clear for the US, denuclearization of North Korea and the young leader of DPRK is not ready to comply. So, the question is will there be a war?

The world leaders may find a way to settle this but one thing is for sure, North Korea News is going to remain in the breaking news headlines for quite a few days in future.