North Korea issued a shoot to kill order
Source: Business Standard

US Forces said North Korea issued a shoot to kill order to arrest the spread of coronavirus. The commander of US Forces in South Korea said that this was done to stop the coronavirus entering the communist country from China.

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The reports suggest that the impoverished North Korean system would struggle to cope with the major virus outbreak. North Korea has not confirmed a single case of coronavirus that emerged from China, the most important ally of North Korea.

The Times of India reported that Pyongyang closed the border with China in January to prevent the spread. The state media reported that the state of emergency is raised at a maximum level in July.

USFK Commander, Robert Abrams said that the closed borders have raised the demand for smuggled goods, and authorities had to intervene to prevent that. Abrams informed an online conference organized by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) that a buffer zone is created along the North Korea China border.

He continued that they have North Korean SOF (Special Operation Force) and strike forces. North Korea issued a shoot to kill order to their forces.

The imports from China have plunged by 85 percent for North Korea due to the closure of borders. This has further created troubles for the country which is already facing sanctions for nuclear programs.

Typhoon Maysak has further damaged the country a few days back. As per the state media, 2000 houses were destroyed.

Abrams said a threat from Pyongyang is not expected at this time. The military is busy recovering the country from the COVID19 impact. However, the celebration of new weapons is expected next month for the foundation of the ruling party of North Korea.

This comes after reports suggested that political changes are brewing in the isolated country.