North Korea Crisis did not start during the Kim Jong-Un’s time. In fact, back in 1992, it was widely said that North Korea would become a Nuclear State by 1993. Bill Clinton back then did some efforts to make sure that North Korea is contained. However, the platform of diplomacy was never there. North Korea withdrew from NPT and the communist state had enough financial support to make the Nuclear Reactors. The agreement and the understanding that reached between North Korea and the United States could have resolved many things.

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However, the George W. Bush stalled most of it and put the North Korea in the “Evil Axis”. The sanctions pushed by the United States and others have only burdened the North Korean people who have no idea what is going on outside the territory. However, since then, North Korea has made tremendous success in Nuclear. However, the quantity of success, the capacity is unknown so far. Then what is bothering the US now?


The United States found it is alarming now because the advancement has become so much that Pyongyang can actually hit the United States in some days. South Korea and Japan is supposed to be already under the radar of the nuclear power of Pyongyang. The US has mostly sought the help of China to control North Korea but failed. The US tried everything but probably a diplomatic way since the day of Kim Il- Sung and Bill Clinton would have made a bigger difference in the relations. Today, the Stalinist Leader Kim Jong-Un, the Grandson of the founder of the country has taken an aggressive approach to render the Nuclear Power to a new level. His father Kim il-Joong was a hardliner and approached Military First policy. Kim Il-Sung, the Great Leader of North Korea, was convincible refers many historians. However, Kim il-Joong took things away despite famine, economic meltdown and more. He made his country Nuclear to avoid and evade the threat of the United States. However, United States never thought that things would have gone too far.

What Now?

There are limited options left for the United States now. There is no doubt that North Korea has nuclear power and the authoritarian leader of the country may not hesitate to pull the plug as well to save the Kim Dynasty. The United States can either use the military forces that they have said they would dismantle North Korea. However, it is not child’s game to go and dismantle country. North Korea has the fourth largest standing army in the world and they are very strong. It will not be Iraq, Libya, Syria or any other Middle-East country for the United States. The risk of losing war may not be there but serious damages in South Korea, Japan and on the security forces of United States cannot be ignored. The North Korea Crisis can only result into a deeper financial crisis and if the Nuclear attack happens then probably loss of millions and billions of people. It may even trigger the World War III and could halve the population of the world.

However, there is another way that is diplomacy and that can still be achieved. The United States has to agree that North Korea is a Nuclear State and then go ahead with the discussion. The sanctions might be reduced or lifted to give them some space to breathe economically and then engage China to tone down the autocracy in the country. There can be many other ways that the finer brains of the United States, Japan, and South Korea can come up with. However, if there is a war with North Korea, it will only cause destruction to the world; Kim Jong-Un knows that if he destroys then he would ensure that no one else gets the upper hand as well. North Korea is indeed a problem and no problem can be eradicated, it has to be solved and North Korea Crisis should be addressed likewise.