North Korea is Bigger than Problem for US and World

Donald Trump recently said that North Korea is a problem and will be dealt. Well, this does not seem to be the case. The world was suspecting and anticipating the sixth nuclear test or some launch of the ballestic missile to celebrate the Day of the Sun, the birthday of the founder of North Korea, Kim il-Sung. However, there was no seismic impact at the test launch center of North Korea, instead, there was the wave of response through video and image clips.

The North Korea has simply paraded the military through the street of Pyongyang, the capital of the communist country. The intercontinental ballistic missile or the long range missiles were carried by the thumped soldiers in front of the Premier, Kim Jong-Un. The long range missiles were the response to the United States that have kept a heavily armoured Navy at the Korean Peninsula to tackle the aggressive reaction of the North. However, the 105th anniversary of Kim il-Sung came with the surprised move from the communist country but the indications were clear. China, the only big ally of the country is trying to negotiate but is utterly frustrated as well. The continuous nuclear approach of the North has often derailed any further communication with the US or even UN.

However, North has continued to propagate the Nuclear Attack theory to the US and West. The situation has only been tensed and as Chinese Minister mentioned, a war can erupt at anytime. The local media of the United States said that there are chances that the US may strike first if the North does not stop the nuclear threats immediately. The attacks on the Islamic State with Mother of All Bombs and the Syrian Airbase attack were an indication that the US is flexing muscle and North Korea may have to pay the price for long defiant policies and overaggressive approach to the United States.

However, the North cannot be called as a Problem at this stage. It is in fact much more than this. The showing of the missiles simply indicates that they have the military and the power to defence their borders.