Source- HT Media

Noida Online Scam has revealed the ugly side of the online business in India. As the Special Task Force of Uttar Pradesh Police nabbed the culprits, the Social Biz platform and the cheating left everyone shocked.

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Noida Online Scam came to the notice of the authorities when few of the 7.5 Lakhs (Approximate Figure) reached the police for the fraudulent services provided by them under the portal name of Socialtrade biz. When the investigation reached crucial stage, the scam revealed shocking details. almost 37000 Crores INR were duped of Lakhs of people. The Bank Account of Sector 63 in Noida had 500 Crores at present.

The Company used to take money in the range of 5750 INR to 57500 INR from the people. In return, they used to provide them some links. The deal was to click on the links and earn 5 per click. The company claimed that they receive INR 6 per clicking and they are offering the members INR 5.

Quick and easy money always attract people. However, they often fail to calculate the risk associated. It is never very easy to earn and one must realize that. Frauds like Noida Online Scam offers money just like that. Well, that is not going to fetch anything. Similar frauds have dumped many across the world, the Noida Online Scam this time crashed almost 7.5 Lakhs. But should not people realize the significance of it. In the modern age, if you are getting cheated in the name of a digital media company, you have lacked the research.

As per the reports, the key accused in the scam have been arrested. Abhinav Mittal, Mahesh Dayal, and Shridhar Prasad are behind the bars now as Special Task Force trying to gather more information. The bank accounts have been ceased and the entire matter is now under investigation.