As per the early reports conducted by the India Today, No Red Beacons for Ministers would be allowed in Central Government. According to the reports, PM Modi has made the bold decision after the cabinet meeting and the red beacons will be soon banned barring five members.

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The five members who would be able to carry the Red beacons are The President of India, the Vice President of India, the Prime Minister of India, the Chief Justice of India and the Speaker of the Lok Sabha or the Parliament. However, the official announcement has not been made but the reports believe that the announcement would be soon made public.

Red Beacons more popularly known as the Lal Batti in Hindi in India has stood for the arrogance of VIP Culture. The barricades of Traffic to pass the cars of the ministers have only frustrated people since a long time. There have been many talks but no action was taken by the Government. However, if this comes along, it would be a great initiative from the Modi Government.

Recently, Prime Minister Modi set the example when he went to the Indira Gandhi International Airport to receive Bangladeshi counterpart Sheikh Hasina on normal traffic. The Ministers, MLAs, and MPS are the elective representatives of the people whereas the bureaucrats are to serve the people, however, the VIP culture has made them arrogant and it actually adds to the agony and misery of common people that they suffer every day.