Dangal in Pakistan will not be released. No, not Pakistan, but Aamir Khan refused to release the movie at the last moment. The decision was taken after a surprise demand from the Pakistan Censor Board, reported Hindustan Times.

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According to the reports, the Pakistan Censor Board wanted the scenes where Indian National Flag was waived and the Indian National Anthem was played to be removed. However, Aamir Khan reportedly was not happy. He said that there is nothing against Pakistan in the movie, and it was the National sentiment that was shown. Aamir Khan reportedly refused to release the movie who is also the producer of the movie to be released in Pakistan.

Dangal which has created the record of becoming the first movie to reach 385 Crores may miss out an opportunity to touch the 400 crores. However, that is not certainly on the mind of the producer and as a proud Indian, that was an absolutely right decision.

Initially, Indian movies were banned in India after the Uri Attacks when Pakistani artists were banned. However, due to the heavy losses, Pakistan agreed to screen Indian movies again. Indian movies especially the Hindi Bollywood movies are very popular in Pakistan and are the second biggest market after India. However, Aamir Khan is no mood to tolerate all the demands for his highest grosser movie of all time.

Aamir Khan did not comment on the issue. However, the Hindustan Times reported that this spokesperson has confirmed the same to the Media House.