Nitish Kumar, the Bihar Chief Minister has remained in political focus in India for quite some time now. After the Mahagathbandhan, or Grand Alliance with RJD, things have not been very well. There are voices within the party JD(U) for Nitish Kumar as well. He has been accused of being Pro-BJP and anti-Opposition parties. The relation between Lalu Prasad Yadav and Nitish Kumar has not been at the best. Considering all the situations, it looks Nitish Kumar may soon float own party, however, this is just a political assessment rather than any report.

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Why may Nitish Kumar form New Party?

Time and again, Bihar Chief Minister and RJD Supremo remained on the different side of the River. The new President Election exposed the fragile alliance in Bihar once again. Mr. Kumar thrown his weight behind BJP nominated former Bihar Governor, Ram Nath Kovind, whereas the RJD supported Meira Kumar. The issue is continuing since long time, whether it was Demonetization or Surgical Strike, Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav differed in opinion. The Sahabuddin fiasco where the RJD refused to sack Don turned politician further dented the relations. One can say that the difference of opinion is common. But the Deputy Chief Minister and Son of Lalu, Tejaswai Yadav has continuously taken the jibe at him. Lalu has also done the same thing in past.

Within the Party

Even though there is a reported push towards BJP from the party within. However, there are reports that leadership is not happy with the pro-BJP stance. In case, the grand alliance does not stand for a long time, Nitish can come back to the main fold of NDA. However, in case, his party does not approve it, he can form a new party and join NDA.