nilanjana chatterjee
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Nilanjana Chatterjee, a braveheart Kolkata woman is in hospital. She had suffered a fracture in the shin bone. She suffered the injury as she tried rescuing a girl being molested in a car, in the Anandapur area of South Kolkata.

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She has undergone the surgery and recovering now. The Kolkata Police Commissioner has personally called her and congratulated her. The West Bengal Government has taken the responsibility of the hospital expenses as well.

West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee said,

  “The state government will bear all the medical expenses of Nilanjana Chatterjee. We highly appreciate her gesture in rescuing our sister that night. I have told Kolkata Police commissioner Anuj Sharma to provide all kinds of assistance to her family and track down the perpetrator immediately,

Nilanjana Chatterjee – the Braveheart

One person named Abhisekh Pandey befriended with a lady from Kolkata. He used his fake identity and developed a relationship with the woman over the phone. On Saturday, they went on a date in his car. However, he started molesting the girl in the back seat.

Nilanjana Chatterjee was returning home with her husband Deep Satpathy. Nilanjana heard the screams of the girl from Honda City car behind them. She immediately got off the car and rushed towards the offender’s vehicle.

Sensing trouble, the driver pushed the lady from Honda City outside of the car and tried to speed away. However, he tried running the car over Nilanjana and caused her injuries before fleeing the scene.

Her husband Deep immediately called Ambulance and reached the hospital. The Kolkata police then started the investigation.


In the investigation, Abhisekh Pandey was arrested from the Dum Dum area of North Kolkata. The driver Amitabha Basu has also been arrested. Pandey has deleted the WhatsApp chat with the lady before throwing his phone after the incident.

The woman who was allegedly molested has registered a complaint with the police.