Nigeria Kidnapping
Source: NBC

Nigeria kidnapping of 344 schoolboys from the government boarding school of Katsina State, reminded the horror of Chibok. In Chibok, 270 girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram. In a similar incident, all schoolboys were kidnapped by the Islamist terrorist group.

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The gunmen barged into the school and took the boys hostage under gunpoint. They were ordered to follow them into the vast Rugu forest. The vast woodland is difficult to navigate.

Reuters reported that the boys were asked to trek for long. The abductors hardly gave them any food and water. Sometimes, they ate leaves and water from the forest pool to survive. The abductors simply told them if they try to flee, then they will die in the forest.

The ordeal continued for 3 long days. However, the security services then rescued them. They were taken to the governor and then President also before reunited with the family.

It is not immediately clear who abducted them, even though Boko Haram claimed. The government did not clarify whether there was any ransom paid to the abductors for the Nigeria kidnapping.

But the life of the schoolboys will never remain the same. They are now joyful to come back to their families, but they are scared. The parents are equally scared to send them to school without proper security arrangements. The security does not look anywhere near the expectation. On Saturday, there was another attempt of abducting 80 school children from a school in the same state. However, they were rescued.

The most populous state of Africa, Nigeria, has battled Islamic terrorism for a long time now. The schools are the most common target for them as the Islamist terrorists are against western education. Non-Muslims are often attacked in Nigeria and many villages are plundered, looted, people are executed.