Niger Attack on the US troops – 3 US Soldiers killed by militants, 2 injured

Niger attack on the US Troops became fatal for three US soldiers on the Mali-Niger border. The media reports said that a hostile attack was launched against the joint troops of the United States and Nigeria when they were patrolling the area. According to the reports, 2 injured soldiers have been evacuated and would be moved to Germany for further treatment. It is immediately not clear which terrorist group attacked the convoy, but the US African region command has not yet released any official statement and waiting for ground details.

The United States has the US Special Force troops stationed in this area and they mostly have the supporting role for the Nigerian army. The US has maintained the presence in the conflict zone but provided strategic support to boost the Nigerian army for strengthens service.  This is one of the recent attacks on the US Troops in this area, and this happened soon after ISIS militants were droned down by the US Army in Libya.

ISIS Affiliated Boko Haram and Al Qaida in Islamic Maghreb are the two major terrorist groups in this region. There are all possibilities that Niger Attack on the US troops might have been conducted by either one of these groups.

The French-led counter terrorism in this area has largely contained the terrorists’ group but they have never been wiped out. Nigeria has remained the worst affected along with Somalia and other countries of this region. Terrorists have stormed in the civilian area and killed people at will.