Dunedin Rape case
Source: Otago Daily Times

A case termed as New Zealand Justice Horror is making headlines. A teenager rapist who lured his victim to a secluded area to rape her has avoided punishment. The judges termed it as an exceptional case.

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Reuben Thomas Hanna (18) was sentenced to a mere 12 months of home detention after Dunedin District Court judge found the case as ‘exceptional’.

New Zealand Justice Horror

The judge, Russel Walker, said the remorse of the teenager is genuine. He also said that the accused received a head injury during a work accident and a term behind the jail would be ‘arduous’.

He said,

“For someone described by others as normally kind, caring, and trustworthy, on this particular day you totally betrayed the trust the victim had in you in the most callous way.”

The life of the victim changed after the incident. She has been traumatized and suffering from depression ever since. She further said that the wounds remain raw when people tell her that Hanna was innocent.

The pair were socializing at a party (both 17) in Dunedin. Hanna requested her to meet in Albany St. He grouped her there despite resistance. The accused contacted her again and asked the victim to come alone. Hanna convinced her to come with him and said he has something to tell and took her to a secluded place. He raped her there despite resistance. Both were under the influence of alcohol.

The defense claimed that Hanna has gone through counseling for drugs and alcohol. He allegedly also saved $5000 to pay to the victim.  Anne Steven, counsel for Hanna said,

“He will be labeled a rapist … almost like a mark on your face, visible to all … He would never be able to redeem himself from that label,”

She asked for discharge but the judge refused it, reported NZ Herald.

The accused came with headgear to protect his brain. He is going for surgery to insert a titanium plate in his brain to protect and relieve pressure. The court also ordered Hanna to pay $5000 to the victim and 200 hours of community service.

However, this case reminds that Judiciary probably not taking its own course. A brain injury during an accident can be mostly termed as karma, but not justice to what the young woman suffered. The justice, the $5000 to be paid to her, the argument of the court, all are an insult to her injury.