Jashia with sister Alexa Dabek Source: NY Post

New York nurse adopts special needs boy she cared for since his birth. She adopted her 9-year-old patient officially on September 1.

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Kelli Dabek, a nurse, lives in Ballston Spa with her two college-aged daughters, Alexa and Hayley. She decided to extend the family to four members by adopting Jashia.

New York nurse adopts special need boy

Kelli brought him home 2-years ago after he was thrust into the foster care system after his biological mother unexpectedly passed away. Kelli and the family have been taking care of Jashia since then.

Kelli first had to become certified emergency foster care to bring Jashia home. She said they knew what they had to do.

Jashia was born pre-maturely in 23 weeks with many issues, including chronic respiratory failure, epilepsy, and asthma. He also has developmental issues and has failure to thrive issues as well. The little child sees numerous doctors for his conditions.

Jashia with sisters Alexa and Hayley Source: NY Post

However, he is just a kid at his home. He loves playing with his sisters. He loves going for a bike ride as well.

Alexa and Hayley both are fond of their brother and help Kelli in every manner.

NY Post reported that Alexa who has got schoolwork and two jobs takes care of Jashia. Jashia comes to dinner with her and friends. She claims that her friends love him. Hayley helps him in his schoolwork, special diet, and medicines as well.

The family is overjoyed with the new bundle of joy as Jashia found his family perfect.