Amanda De George

New Spider species found in the backyard of a house. The nature lover woman found the mysterious species walking across her recycling bin calmly. Amanda De George knew she was witnessing something specific and spectacular.

New Spider species

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In Thirroul, South of Sydney, Amanda noticed the eight-eyed creature. However, it disappeared very quickly. After 18 months, in June, the creature decided to pay a visit once more. This time, she managed to take a photo.

She clicked the photo of the tiny creature and posted on a spider identification Facebook page and asked what is this?

The creature had a blue face and spider experts from Melbourne could not ignore it. They asked Amanda to send the photos to further examine the situation. They confirmed that the creature is unidentified.

Amanda was thrilled to know that the species is not only beautiful but equally important. She had to do all the hard work to find the species again once she knew that it is unidentified spider species. She eventually captured two of the species in a container safely, reported Daily Mail.

It has been sent to Joseph Schubert, a taxonomist who specializes in spiders.

Ms. Amanda called herself an amateur nature lover, but she is thrilled to have found something so important and unique.

It is not part of Jotus, a group of jumping spiders, commonly found in Australia and New Zealand.

The new spider will be given a Latin scientific name.

There are at least 4000 spider species that have scientific names in Australia. However, the experts believe that there at least 10,000 species in the region.

Jumping spiders are generally not dangerous to human. However, they spit the venom to the prey.

One must keep a close eye on their backyard, you never know you may discover some unidentified species.