Magnetic Field of Earth has been a topic of discussion for long time. Geophysical Research Letters have found an interesting and crucial facts about the planet that existed 4.5 billion of years ago. The researchers have found that about a billion years ago, the earth has different magnetic field as compared to that exists today. According to the research, earth has several low intensity magnetic poles that were dipolar in nature. The ancient rocks carry the same signal and evidence even now.

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The research has clearly indicated that the poles started shifting to South and North point some 650 million years ago. Scientists believe that this is the prime reason behind the solidification of the earth core. It is a debated topic that the core of the earth started to solidify due to change in magnetic poles. However, the exact reason was still unknown. However, this study may unearth the reason behind the solidification. According to the latest research and study, the weak and several magnetic fields scattered around the earth was responsible for the liquid core of the earth.

There has been no crucial information for the change of the magnetic fields in earth for last 4 billion years. However, the latest study on the rocks of the same era has given significant advantage on the study. Moreover, 3D Dynamo Simulations have indicated more crucial information on the same. This technique is used to determine the magnetic field on turbulent fluid.