NDTV News Ban – News Time Assam and Careworld TV are also banned

NDTV News Ban has already made huge protests against the Government. However, NDTV is not alone that has been served a ban on November 9. In an order passed by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, two other channels have also been asked to go off the air.

An Assam based regional channel, News Time Assam has been asked to go off the air on November 9. There are multiple charges against the News Channel, the report says. The News Channel reveal the identity of a child labour who has subjected to torture. The Ministry said that the act might have caused huge damage and further vulnerability to the child and it is prohibited as per the law. The news channel is also accused of showing photos of dead bodies and that is also not permissible as per the Cable Act. The reports suggest that the News Channel aired programme that was derogatory for the women. However, the ministry asked to telecast an apology show for the same, but the news channel did not do that. The show cause notice was served in October 2013 and after hearing the challenge from the news, this decision has been taken. So, the News Time Assam has joined NDTV News Ban scenario, but it did not get any support that NDTV got.

Another TV Channel Careworld TV has been served a ban for a week for showing objectionable content, confirmed Inter Ministerial Committee reported NDTV.

NDTV News ban has already irked the journalists. NDTV reported that to protest against it, journalists will also wear black band. NDTV News ban was served for showing and revealing critical information during Pathankot Airbase attack that could potentially harm the National Security.

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