National Law School of India

National Law School of India Professor has again racked up the topic of moral policing. However, this is more of a concern because this has been done by a professor, not any unidentified men or any activist group. The professor shamed a girl at the class who wore shorts. However, that was not only it, he, in fact, went ahead to comment on her character in front of the entire class. Well, he took a step to shame the girl at the National Law School of India in Bangalore. However, that did not go well with the students.

National Law School of India Controversy

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The controversy began when a girl came to the college in shorts. Well, there is no provision of the college under which she cannot wear it. However, the professor felt otherwise and made remarks on her clothes. However, he went on to ashamed her and made comments against her character. However, the students have started protesting against the professor. In fact, the very next all of the students wore shorts and reach the class of the same professor to protest the issue.

National Law School of India – Actions

The Students are protesting against the professor and has appealed the Vice Chancellor of the institute. The Vice Chancellor has taken the issue into consideration but no action has been taken so far. Students have however demanded a fact finding committee in order to address the issue. Vice Chancellor has communicated to the students that he will look after the issue but at the same time, he would love to have peace and decorum in the campus.