Source: ABC News

Nathan Daniel Larson is a well-known face in Virginia. However, mostly for the wrong reasons. Larson now has been arrested for kidnapping a 12-year-old girl. The White-Supremacist politician was taken into custody during a layover in Denver.

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The Fresno County Sheriff of California said that they received a complaint of a missing girl on December 14. Nathan Daniel Larson reportedly befriended the girl on social media during October. He then coerced the girl into running away with him. They were planning to go to the East-Coast.

The girl in fact went to the Fresno Yosemite International Airport to be with Larson. The authorities in Denver found her with Larson.

According to the Sheriff’s office statement,

“Agents rescued the girl, who was uninjured, and made arrangements to have her reunited with her family in Fresno, which she was later on Monday night.”

Larson traveled to California and convinced her to leave her home at around 2 AM. He then gave her a wig to appear older than she is. Larson also told the child to be active mentally unstable or unable to speak to avoid suspicion.

When the home of Larson was searched, electronic devices were found. It revealed that he ran websites that encouraged pedophilia and child rape.

He manipulated the girl and groomed her in a couple of months. He even coerced her into sending him her pornographic images. He even victimized other girls in the past, believed authorities.

He is held at the Denver County Jail for the charge of a misdemeanor charge of harboring a minor. He faces charges of kidnapping, child abduction, soliciting child pornography from a minor, and meeting a child for the intention of sex in Fresno County.

He ran for Virginia’s House of Delegates in 2017 and 10th Congressional District in 2018 as an independent. He is very open and a pedophile and wants child pornography to be legalized. The 40-year-old man terms Adolf Hitler as a hero of White Supremacist and wants the incestuous marriage to be legalized.

He also ran for 2008 Virginia’s 1st District but later disqualified for threatening to kill the former US President. He served 14-months in Jail.