NASA ISRO have joined hand together to launch a satellite four years from now. The Joint Venture will be called NASA ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radius or NISAR. The satellite is being designed to read the most complex earth activities. It would give the world the seismic activities to understand the pattern of the unprecedented earthquakes all over the world.


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NASA ISRO have agreed to work on the mission that is considered as a milestone in the space research. NISAR will not only work on the earthquake but also landslides, rising temperature and other environmental changes including glacier melting. It has been reported that 11 space agencies all over the world have agreed to launch a constellation in the space to understand the pattern. NISAR from NASA ISRO may however change the course of the research.

There have been many individual attempts before but not much has been yielded. This is the first time two space agencies have joined hands for the effort. It could be a start of a new beginning. As per the reports, NASA ISRO have agreed to launch the NISAR from India. The exact date and work progress have not been revealed but the satellite may leave for space in another four years. According to the reports, scientists from both the space agencies would closely work to make this a successful attempt. It would be interesting to look at the progress and update from the project as two of the most crucial space agencies work together for a common cause.