Comments of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Kolkata Flyover can make anyone think twice. India Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Kolkata Flyover Collapse was a Message of God to save Bengal from Trinamool Congress and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Prime Minister is campaigning hard in West Bengal to throw Trinamool Congress out of power. Bengal BJP is hopeful that Modi wave would work for them and they would form the government. However, the opinion polls have put Mamata far ahead of others.

Narendra Modi on Kolkata Flyover

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Narendra Modi blamed the Mamata Government and criticized the way it handled the Flyover Collapse. He said that Chief Minister should first take care of the rescue efforts than blaming the previous regime. He questions that whether Mamata Banerjee would have given the credit if the flyover were successfully built. He, however, took the issue too far and termed it as Not an Act of God but Act of Fraud. This is a term that was used by the Hyderabad-based company who manufactured the flyover. But however, he said that this act of God in a way that it happened during the elections. He said that this is a message to the people and he warned that Bengal will be finished under her regime. He also blamed that Chief Minister does not attend the meeting called by him and that hurts Bengal and its youth.  Here is what he said.

Even though this has not been gone too well with every section but many said that PM Modi takes a jibe at others in a similar way. Kolkata Flyover Collapse was a big issue where 27 people died as the structure under construction from close to 7 years fell down on a bustling street. However, as the comments came from Narendra Modi on Kolkata Flyover, it is for sure that politics on it will be even heavier now.