Narendra Modi on Gau Rakshaks – The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi gave a strong speech today at the My Government function. This has to be the best so far because he delivered what has been expected from him. Narendra Modi on Gau Rakshaks was expected from opposition and others as the so-called cow vigilante group kept on lynching people in the cow protection and beef.

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Narendra Modi on Gau Rakshaks

PM said that majority of the self-proclaimed Gau Rakshaks and cow protectors are involved in anti-social activities during the night and become protector on the day. He said that all the State Governments must take stern action against these Cow Vigilante group. He said that majority of the cows die due to eating plastics, not due to slaughter. He said that if the Gau Rakshaks really care about the service then stop people from throwing plastic on roads or clean them. He also said that that he believes that people involve in all these activities are mostly anti-social and using the name of a cow to hide their misdeeds. He said that service to the society is about compassion and kindness and he can’t find anything of that sort. In fact, all these make him angry as these so called Gau Rakhashaks have opened shops in the name of the vigil.

Before the speech of Narendra Modi on Gau Rakshaks came, the Hingonia Gaushala case became a rage in the country. Cow Vigilante Group lynched few people in Gujarat and since then the issue has escalated.

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